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Cleaning up the cabinetry

Yesterday was about cabinets and a few details. Turning these: into this. Then I tidied up under the kitchen cabinet.  I wanted to hide the 4inch venting hose and the OSB that was on the wall before the cabinet was … Continue reading

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Copper Shower Curtain Rod

I’ll just get it out there: Lead-Free Solder is horrible to work with!  I miss my old friend lead. After taking numerous measurements and drawing three designs, I built number four.  The first layout was done on top of the … Continue reading

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Tiny goes on a diet

Chief Pinkstaff used to drill into us: “Prior proper planning prevents poor performance.”  I have not seen the man since 1992, but today those words popped into my head again.  I was laying on my side under Tiny sawing off … Continue reading

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Now for a beverage…

After finishing up the tail and brake lights I was able to pull the wire for the refrigerator inverter.  Because I’m designing to be off-grid/dry camp, I need the refrigerator to run on the 12 volt system and not 120 … Continue reading

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Light modifications made.

So I told you about changing out the lights under the loft.  I also needed light in the bathroom and in the loft.  Now, no one seemed to have what I was wanting so I had to find something I … Continue reading

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Changed Mind =

OK so I am not the most ‘stick to it’ person in the world. I have decided a few things done earlier were just not right and needed some change. The ceiling was shoddy and white, the oven was ick, … Continue reading

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Bread Bowl Sink

After thinking about it a long time and researching every legitimate source I decided to make my own stainless steel sink. Parts used were one 8 quart bowl from Wal-Mart, self edhesive craft foam, drain assembly and tools. Watch out … Continue reading

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