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Why did I buy that tool?

Today I began prepping the drivers side of Tiny for some sheeting.  The OCD part of me could not resist getting out the scales and checking some facts.  I pulled off the side boards and drop as few screws as … Continue reading

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Weather and Weight

I have not had any water leaks.  But I wondered if the exterior siding is going to hold up to highway speeds in rain.  And after talking things over with a very experienced builder, who happens to be my Dad, … Continue reading

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A Beeping Problem Solved

For those who have been following the build for a while, you might recall nearly everything is running off the 12 volt battery system.  This includes the refrigerator.  And it has all been going fine except for one annoyance. The … Continue reading

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Cleaning up the cabinetry

Yesterday was about cabinets and a few details. Turning these: into this. Then I tidied up under the kitchen cabinet.  I wanted to hide the 4inch venting hose and the OSB that was on the wall before the cabinet was … Continue reading

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Copper Shower Curtain Rod

I’ll just get it out there: Lead-Free Solder is horrible to work with!  I miss my old friend lead. After taking numerous measurements and drawing three designs, I built number four.  The first layout was done on top of the … Continue reading

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Lost notes and a little luck.

I did the physical install of the tail lights a long time ago.  The wiring was all routed to a central location so I could tie into the existing trailer lights.  But I lost the notes.  And the wires have … Continue reading

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