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Tiny House AC…

The summer has been hovering around the 100 degree mark.  After June it was just too hot to be doing anything outside in the sun or in Tiny because once it warmed up it stayed warm.  I could not find … Continue reading

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Why did I buy that tool?

Today I began prepping the drivers side of Tiny for some sheeting.  The OCD part of me could not resist getting out the scales and checking some facts.  I pulled off the side boards and drop as few screws as … Continue reading

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Weather and Weight

I have not had any water leaks.  But I wondered if the exterior siding is going to hold up to highway speeds in rain.  And after talking things over with a very experienced builder, who happens to be my Dad, … Continue reading

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A Beeping Problem Solved

For those who have been following the build for a while, you might recall nearly everything is running off the 12 volt battery system.  This includes the refrigerator.  And it has all been going fine except for one annoyance. The … Continue reading

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Dinner is Served: From the Oven

After researching for what seems like forever I decided on an oven.  An Extra-Large Convection Toaster from Oster.  I eat a lot of pizzas (Multiple per week) so I needed one that would comfortably fit a real pizza.  Not just … Continue reading

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First Night Results:

Pretty good nights rest.  It was almost too quiet. There are two items needing attention: Ladder steepness and bed density.  The second one is not really a tiny house issue but more of a home issue.  The ladder while functional, … Continue reading

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Preparing for the First Night

So after a good afternoon riding the downhill park I am now fed and settled in for my first night in the tiny house.  No the Slash is still not fixed.  (I’m wondering if all the Rock Shox guys were … Continue reading

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