Promised Pictures

These were all taken 17 Feb 2018.  Finally have some sunshine…


The exterior is Cedar, Pine, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, and synthetic shaker shingles.  All exterior wood is .75 inch (nom.) and easily replaced if needed.  Here in the Idaho Desert the wood is expected to be 15-20 years care-free.  The steel and shingles … forever?  Behind the wood is a synthetic breathable water barrier.

The kitchen window ‘bumps out’ above the wheels as does the other side.  This allows for more storage and a slight cottage look.  The bump-out roofing is steel.

The shingles are hurricane rated.  They have an additional metal foil between them and the underlayment for fire retardation.  If by chance the roof does near 500 degrees the shingles will simply drip off unlike a wooden shaker shingle.


The entry door is a full size exterior door equipped with a deadbolt for security.  The window is double pane.  The lantern lights are removable and plug into a switched outlet under the eves.  They can be turned off from the loft and living room for those times you forget and don’t want to climb the ladder again to deal with them.

The floor is a laminate barn wood.  (The bath is laminate slate.)  Very easy to maintain.


Bar style walnut counter top sits atop the cabinet.  Deep stainless steel sink(‘s) are sunk mounted and the faucet swivels back allowing cutting boards or a cooktop to sit above them.  Above the counter is a storage shelve and then another fill cabinet.  You may need a step stool to reach the contents.

The oven sits into a cubby away from work area.  It safely cooks to 450f. without causing damage or burning the user.  The oven must have 120v it cannot run on battery.

The refrigerator is to the right of the stove and is counter height.  It is inverter powered from the trailer’s deep-cell battery.  Keeping the trailer plugged in is nest practice but this will prevent food spoilage with short term power loss such as nighttime or a cloudy day.  Underneath the oven and refrigerator is more storage, inverter for the fridge, and the water pump.


*There are PV inlet jacks passing through the trailer so future solar power is only a matter of adding a charge controller and panels.

Directly above the refrigerator is an electric water heater/tank.  This is 120v and uses a switched outlet.  Turn it on/off as needed.  The water heater needs to be off when using the oven.  They are on the same circuit and you may ‘throw the breaker’.  The water heater is PEX plumbed to the bath and stubbed to under the sink waiting to be finished.  Additional storage is above the water heater in another cabinet accessible from the hall.



The bathroom is over 30 square feet.  Yes you read that size correctly.  There is a stainless steel sink, toilet, counter for ‘prepp’n.  The lighting is inverter powered LED and works even when there is a AC power loss.


A bathtub.  This was handcrafted from a 2′ x 4′ sheep tank.  It’s surround is stone set in silicone.  A grown adult can sit in this tub.  Here I am (5′ 8″) standing in it and you can see the cedar ceiling well above my head.  The curtain rod above is soldered copper.

Not shown is the closet above the bath faucet.  About four feet tall, shelved and ready for all your clothes.

The bath is two steps above the main living area.  This allows for plumbing, electrical, tanks, and the Air Conditioner to be mounted underneath.


The tempered safety glass window opens for fresh air.  On a warm day the updraft carries warm air out of the trailer.  While quite messy this is a twin mattress.  A Queen will fit as well wither lengthwise or across.  The window is currently blocked  with a mat to keep the sunlight out.

The ceiling of the loft and main living area is T&G pine.  The ceiling is insulated with 4.25″ of rigid foam sealed with spray and fiber-fill.  Then sealed with flooring underlayment to help reduce vapor getting in.

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