Tiny House AC…

The summer has been hovering around the 100 degree mark.  After June it was just too hot to be doing anything outside in the sun or in Tiny because once it warmed up it stayed warm.  I could not find anything else I was willing to afford.  The whole point of a Tiny House is affordability and dropping $1200 on a ‘ductless’ unit would raise the project cost 5-10%. So I splurged:  $200 for working Air Conditioning.

Off to Home Depot again.  Toshiba window unit for $109 and then four gutter downspouts at $11 each.  The AC unit is 5000 BTU and suggested for rooms 150 square feet.  My tiny house is about 124ft give or take a little.  After watching the meter now for a few weeks (570+ hours) it is also affordable to operate.  (Next step is to switch it over to the solar and save even more…) In economy mode (low with the fan always on) the usage ranges between 42 and 410 watt’s.  The compressor has a low surge quiet start up.


Because the bathroom was elevated 18 inches the AC unit was installed under the floor where the heat could be vented easily.  There is also fresh (cool?) air for the condenser intake available.  The cool air came out of the top step and the intake was under the bottom step.

The first couple weeks my fan had to be run 24×7, along with the AC, in an attempt to get the cooler air into the loft area.  It was still in the 80’s up there while the floor was around 74.  So I needed to redesign things a little.  All I had to do is duct the cool air along the wall and into the loft.  Now all cool air is discharged on the passenger side, circles around the loft and falls down to the main level.


The ductwork (downspouts) is on the right hand edge.

I now have less noise and a more comfortable Tiny house.  I’ll do a little more cleanup and finish the stairs.  I am also going to use a little more PP sheeting and duct the heated discharge air  closer to the trailer tung and away from the cool air intake.  This is apt to improve the efficiency.

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