Weather and Weight

I have not had any water leaks.  But I wondered if the exterior siding is going to hold up to highway speeds in rain.  And after talking things over with a very experienced builder, who happens to be my Dad, I also thought it was good time to shave a few pounds of the trailer weight.

I do not want to lose the feel of the trailer.  I like the cabin style and as much wood as I can.  But I am willing to replace some lumber with long lasting steel.  So here is what I have come up with:


Each square foot of steel is around 8oz.  The same coverage in dry lumber is around 16oz.  When exposed to humidity or rain the weight goes up but I do not know an exact value.  21oz would be the ‘wet’ weight.  My estimates at this time would be 20-25 lbs. per side and about 40 lbs at the trailer front.  I have also removed and recovered about three pounds of screws.  About one pound of screws was used to hold all the metal into place.

All overlaps are assuming falling rain and forward motion of the trailer.  Moisture is directed downward and out from the front.

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