A Beeping Problem Solved

For those who have been following the build for a while, you might recall nearly everything is running off the 12 volt battery system.  This includes the refrigerator.  And it has all been going fine except for one annoyance.

The refrigerator is plugged into a dedicated 750 watt inverter costing about $40.  This allowed me to use an affordable off the shelf $100 fridge instead of a $800 12 volt or propane version.  Each time the compressor starts a new cycle the low voltage alarm sounds for a few seconds.  I am not really surprised considering the inverter is almost 15 feet from the battery and I only used 6AWG cable.  I estimate the surge current to be around 50 Amps at 12.4 volts.  (600 Watt) . That causes quite a voltage drop across the leads.  Once the cycle is started the voltage returns to the expected 13.2 volts.

I was at WalMart the other day and had an idea.  Why not use a capacitor designed for car audio amplifiers…  They carry a quite large one for $40 so I thought i would give it a try.  Another $35 in miscellaneous hardware and 6AWG cable, from Home Depot,  I have it installed:


Installed Capacitor.


Distribution block.

To be honest I still have a beep.  It’s duration is a fraction of a second at the most.  This is acceptable considering it used to last 2-4 seconds.  I should also gain a little benefit from the cap once I wire in the water pump.  They sometimes cause DC surges/sags as they cycle as well.  It will be powered from same cable so fingers crossed.




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