Dinner is Served: From the Oven

After researching for what seems like forever I decided on an oven.  An Extra-Large Convection Toaster from Oster.  I eat a lot of pizzas (Multiple per week) so I needed one that would comfortably fit a real pizza.  Not just a 12″ single serve.  This one fits two 16″ pizza’s.  This one had good reviews and one user even had photo’s of the pizza she had cooked.  Sold!


Additional extension cord now attached.

Now I had to finish the electrical connections.  There was an unprotected outlet that was shared with the whole trailer.  Not the way I wanted to go.  That outlet has been removed.  I have added another outlet that, along with the water heater, has it’s own input on the trailer outside.  I will have to ensure the water heater switch is off before using the oven.  This should not be a problem because I am used to heating water only when needed in my camper.  This saves loads of propane.

So here is the evening progression:

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I used the same time and temperatures as in the house oven.  This Red Barron Four Meat Pizza was a little dry in the crust and the cheese browned a little extra.  There were no burn’t spots or strange toasting patterns that I was expecting.  Next go I will shave another two minutes off and see how it turns out.  In all I’m pleased.

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