Preparing for the First Night

So after a good afternoon riding the downhill park I am now fed and settled in for my first night in the tiny house.  No the Slash is still not fixed.  (I’m wondering if all the Rock Shox guys were at Sea Otter instead of fixing faulty shocks.)

I have wanted to do this for so long but always had a reason excuse why I could not.  Now here I am blogging from the loft waiting for the thunderstorm to pass so I can sleep.   Just the sound of my fan and thunder.  I don’t hear anything else.  It is more quiet than my house.

I never post video but I thought this was a special occasion…


I feel like I am camping.  I brought too much stuff up the ladder with me so it took a while to decide where things should be so I don’t kick them off the edge.   But I always read a while before sleeping so a couple books to choose from is always in order.  Today it is: Your Complete Guide to Trials Riding (Julien Happich), Sacre Bleu (Christopher Moore), or NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training.

Side note:  Go read anything of Christopher Moore.  Unless you don’t like to laugh, think, wonder, have your (or anyones) religion questioned, believe in elves…  What can I really say: go read one of his books.  I need him to sell more so he will write another one.  Does it really work that way?  Naw.  I was just hoping there for a second.

I also don’t post a lot of Me either but again special occasion:




There was another good close thunder clap and the sun is dropping fast.  I’ll update in a day or so and let you in on how the night went.

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