Loft Planning

I have decided on a mattress size.  Well not really a mattress, but a good mattress topper which is essentially what I sleep on every night anyway.  (Why do mattresses cost so much?  It’s crazy!)  The loft can easy fit a Queen but that would be the whole loft.  I am not a large man and lets face it the bigger the bed the more the sheets cost as well.  I have decided on the size: Full.  Gives plenty of sleep area and room to ‘live’ in.

Here is roughly what I am dealing with.  I am planning a 15″ ledge (clearing?) at the front of the loft, between the mattress and ledge, for ease of climbing up and down.  Especially if I have anything moving into/out-of the loft.  An additional 12″ between the bed and back wall and window.  I’m thinking removable, but sturdy, shelves and nightstand.  After all, I like to have some water nearby in the night.

So now there is another ToDo on my list.  But I know the mattress fits and might give it a trial night this weekend.

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