Goodby Pencil Sharpener


During a major project there is nothing like landmark moments.  Here is one of those moments.  I have unmounted the pencil sharpener from the kitchen counter.

You are looking at the only dark wood in the house.  I was wanting the aged bar counter look.  I have no idea what species an old bar would have been constructed from.  I have decided to use Maple.  I will be putting a few layers of wood wax that should assist in longevity.



If used on a residential home the warranty would be 50 years.  (As a kitchen counter? I’m guessing none.) . I think waxed maple should distress and age nice.

Contact cement was used to secure the boards in place.  I spread a moderate layer on both the boards and the base.  After the cement layers became ‘sticky’ the maple was pressed and locked together.  After setting for a few hot days (it has been hovering around 100 here in Southern Idaho) the fumes have finally cleared and the planks are secure.   I should be able to resume working inside the house again.

I still have to trim around the edges and sing, but this is my moment.  I have decided on Poplar to match the fireplace mantle.

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