Tiny goes on a diet

Chief Pinkstaff used to drill into us: “Prior proper planning prevents poor performance.”  I have not seen the man since 1992, but today those words popped into my head again.  I was laying on my side under Tiny sawing off 84 pounds of steel.  A task that would have been much easier when I purchased the trailer.  (You know, before the floor and walls were attached.)

Back at the beginning...

This is when the rack should have come off.

I can only say good things about the Sawzall and battery I used to do the work.  The blades are another story.  After four blades (the 5th one is still usable) the battery still has nearly a full charge.  Finally a battery worth attaching to a reciprocating saw.


Don’t forget your safety glasses. Steel goes everywhere.

The steel in question is (was?) the rail assembly designed to hold the loading ramps under the trailer.  The ramps have been consumed by the Lemon Basil in the garden  (Out of sight…).  I only see them in the winter when the leaves have fallen off the plants.

Here is the removed rail assembly along with some cut shots:IMG_20170708_143729363IMG_20170708_143808633

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