Home Depot (Meridian) is Awesome.

So here is a shameless plug for the Home Depot store where nearly all of my supplies come from.  The customer support I have received in the lumber department in the last two weeks.  I would like to think they treat me good because I have purchased too much from them for my project, but I have seen them treat every customer just like they treat me.

My table saw is only about two feet wide and deep.  It is a task to get straight cuts when pushing whole sheets of material through.  Twice now the guys have cut my material for me exactly as I requested.  Not one or two little cuts.  Reducing whole sheets of plywood down to strips for me.  And then refusing to charge me for the extra cuts.  (Clearly posted as $.50 each after the first two.)

The work in the previous post required 48 feet of 5 inch plywood for the horizontals and then 48 feet of 6.5 inch plywood for the vertical boards.  They saved me so much time, made things safer for me.  Not to mention the accuracy gained by using a good saw.


five inch plywood backing cedar.


Thank you Home Depot Meridian.



Disclaimer:  As usual nothing was received by be for mentioning Anyone Ever for Anything.  While I would love free or discounted stuff I don’t want my opinions swayed so I continue to pay in full.

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