Hello? Are you still following me?

Sorry about the long gap between posts.  No excuse, just doing other things.  I spent most of yesterday and today working around the roof.?  I forget the technical names for these parts.

First I knocked the wasp nests down from the eve’s.  It seems the hotter the location the more they like it.  I used an 8′ stick then got organized while they settled down some.  No reason to get stung when I have other things to do anyway.

All todays exposed boards are cedar.  It was chosen for it’s weather resistance.  (Here in southern Idaho cedar can withstand the elements for decades without any treatment.  I have fence sections still standing from the 80’s.).  All cedar in my house is backed, usually with plywood, for added strength.  I the case of the horizontal boards here the plywood is 15/32″ and the cedar is 5/8″.  At five locations on each side and three on the front I added some decorative brackets.  These are steel and my unofficial testing show they support at least 175# each.  I can hang off of them once they were attached.  (I don’t suggest this.) A dowel with material could hang there and be used as a shade canopy.  They are the same brackets holding the lanterns at the door.

Once the horizontal boards were installed and seemed OK I ‘spray foamed’ the joint between them and the wall to ensure insects and driving rain can not get up in there.  I took the time to also close up any ingress gaps that were remaining under the roof.  (No-one will ever see in there but why not do it the best I can?)


Spray foam was used to seal any gap that remained between the boards.

Then I began the process of the sides.  The cedar is again backed with plywood.  This time an additional layer of Liquid Nails Heavy Duty.  For fasteners, I used exterior pocket screws.  They were choses because of their strength and the ‘pan head’ that can compress against the wood.  With the screws are in place these puppies are not going anywhere.

I only have a little over 28 feet of the 48 completed but here is what it looks like so far.



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