Water Heater – Check

The water heater  has been mounted in the storage area above the fridge.  I picked the high space for ease of draining and it made the pluming easier.  This also freed up storage under the cabinets (where it was going to go) and will make maintenance and electrical easier.

Water Heater

It is just a little 1000 Watt 2.5 gallon model that I found at Home Depot for a little under $100.  I like that is just plugs into a standard outlet and can be switched.  This way it can be on only when needed.

In the wall behind the heater I used a couple extra mounting clips to ensure the piping cannot come into contact with the lag bolts that are sticking into the wall space.  they are from the ‘hanger’ that ensures the heater cannot fall or move around.  Who would of thought all that California earthquake stuff would be needed in Idaho.?

Keep tubing safe

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