Bathroom sink has plumbing

Bath sink

The fresh water and waste plumbing for the bathroom sink is complete.  This is the underside: The fittings are the same home plumbing with the exception of I have ran PEX all the way to the fittings instead of using flex hoses.

underside of bath sink

The close quarters make using the PEX crimping tool a challenge but by pre-crimping quite a few connections I was able to get it done.  Here is where the fresh water comes in from the wall and then under the sink.

Pre crimped PEX

The drain is like any house drain.  If the P-Trap has issues it can all be unscrewed and fixed.  I have lost some of the shelf space to this, but I guess the P-Trap keeping out fumes is more valuable than a little open storage.

Flexable drain and P-Trap image

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