Changed Mind =

OK so I am not the most ‘stick to it’ person in the world. I have decided a few things done earlier were just not right and needed some change. The ceiling was shoddy and white, the oven was ick, lighting was not bright enough, and the tile on the kitchen wall was not working out. (I just was not feeling it.)

Despite the cries from my checkbook I replaced the ceiling. Instead of the white bead-board that was there I went with pine. The white did not feel correct and because each board was only 32″ in length each little variation in the ceiling showed.

Next, the toaster oven that was mounted on the wall had to go. It has been replaced with a shelf and some lighting.

The under cabinet lights are low voltage (12 VDC) and switched just like you would expect in a home. They were designed and sold as truck-bed lights that plug into the trailer plug.

The little café style lights that were under the loft for the living area were removed. The metal reflectors kept dropping off, the bulbs were too dim (or too big if I used brighter ones) and I did not like the wire showing. I found a 1 x 1 foot flat light at Home Depot for less than $50.

It should be about 600 lumen (40-60 watt equiv.) and is a nice 3000K light that is free from that yellow glow.

Where the wall tiles were (to prevent burning the wall with the stove) I was able to create a nice oven/microwave nook. I Took my handy tape measure to Target and Wal-Mart measuring every microwave and toaster oven on the shelves.

Oven hole

Cabinet space for oven.

This space is large enough to hold the largest I could find. (Oster wins the category with the ability to cook full pizzas. Measuring in at 21.75 x 20 x 13 inches.) There will also be enough space to slide in a sheet pan or two along side. The 110 outlet was hard wired into the inside wall to keep the counter clutter free.

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