Two Crazy Weeks…

I have a tub.  It used to be a sheep tank.  Measuring out at 23 by 42 it is quite a bit smaller than my original planned tub.  I sat in it twice at the ranch stare before making the purchase.  I was able to sink it into the floor saving even more space.  Like the kitchen sink I had to cut in my own drain.

A portion of the bathroom cabinet was unneeded so it is now my new sitting bench.  I should be able to soak my toes or read a book.  The extra space will allow me to have a small closet as well. The space under this closet is actually part of the kitchen storage.


Closet will go here.


The bathroom sink is also installed into the counter, mirror hung, and two of three walls up.

For the walls I went two tone.  Stacked stone on the bottom and Barnwood for the upper. Behind the tub I installed an additional 1/2″ foam insulation.  This also helped align the walls so the surfaces are flush.


Wall over foam.

On the outside I now have all siding boards installed.  The last few shingles attached above the bay windows, silicone applied to prevent leaks…

Alright then.  That’s it for now…

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