Bread Bowl Sink

After thinking about it a long time and researching every legitimate source I decided to make my own stainless steel sink.

Parts used were one 8 quart bowl from Wal-Mart, self edhesive craft foam, drain assembly and tools.

Watch out for the razor-sharp scraps during this process!

Wear your hearing protection while sawing!


Save your hearing.

It took six drill bits before my hole was large enough for a saw blade.  I started with 1/16 inch and increased in size until I reached 3/8.  I then was able to scroll-saw around the drain hole.  Once I was sure the drain parts fit I used a grinding bit in my Dremmell Tool to remove the steel spurs and edges.


Drain attached.

I’m note sure if the scrap counter top I have will stay or go, but I went ahead and cut my hole and dropped the sink in to see how I like it.

Here it is:image

Total cost: under $20.

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