Kitchen Wall

With the exception of minor hardware and trim, the kitchen wall has been laid out. The bathroom door has also been hung.


Kitchen wall.


The refrigerator is in place right at eye level so I don’t have to bend over to get things in and out. AI have also managed to fit another cabinet above the fridge for those light items that just are not needed too often. I will have to trim around that cabinet and cosmetically tie it to the ceiling. (The light you see behind it is from the unfinished bathroom.)

A large storage compartment and plumbing access is under the fridge. There is about 12 cubic feet of space as well as a large drawer.


Storage under fridge.


I want the drawer top to double as a working surface so I used the bearing slides to handle the weight. The slides came from a clearance dresser and the drawer bottom was from scrap wainscoting.


Drawer with bearing sliders.


The hallway (side of the fridge/storage) was completed in #2 pine instead of the Blue Pine. This hall is a mere 26″ long, but will work for storing the ladder as well as steps into the bathroom.


Fridge and Hall Wall.

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