Household AC To Go

The small AC inverter has been installed. All of the interior lights and select outlets are now powered from the 12 volt system. All of the outlets are wired normally and meet NEC. The only difference is they are powered by the inverter not the power company. They still go through the normal circuit breakers and nothing is different for the user.


I now have AC power

The 34 you see is the current wattage of all the lights being on at the same time. I wanted to get a feel for what I would be needing.

The end goal is to have a larger inverter that can be used to power the coffee maker for 15 minutes but that will have to wait. (I will need at least a 1000 watt to run the 750 watt coffee maker and lights. 1000w / 12v = 84 Amp draw. I’ll need at least one more battery and some larger cable to handle the current.)

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