Fireplace in place

For one heat source I decided on this little electric fireplace. It is small, looks pretty nice and creates a lot of heat. The fan will pull cool air through the electrical cabinet and blows heat out the bottom a few inches above the floor.


Electric Fireplace Mounted

Modifications were in order:

Remove the two 40 watt bulbs that create the ‘flame’ and replace them with LED’s. Saved 78 watt right there! The logs don’t glow quite as bright, but I can replace the bulbs later if needed.

The outlet has a high current relay tied to a thermostat so the heat can be controlled just like home. On and off as needed.

Disable the High Heat setting. Although all of my wiring can support a 1500 watt heater, it does not make sense…That is all I could run on that power inlet from outside. (Think drop cord.) My clearances are smaller than ideal so I don’t want that much heat in one place. And, this whole house is less than 140 square feet. I will have another heat source as well.

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