Progress on the siding


I have begun to side my house. The bottom Two feet (or so) is horizontal tongue and groove pine. The vertical boards are randomized pine and cedar. I have been making random widths on the table saw to ensure no pattern emerges.


The bottom of each vertical board has an indent cut into it so water running down always ends on the outside of the board below. (lapped?) I have been doing these cuts on my little table saw but someone here in the office reminded me that the router table would be much faster, cleaner, and same adjustment time. Currently I have to re set the blade depth again every handful of boards I bring home. The pine comes in 8 ft. lengths but the cedar comes slightly under 6′, so I have a large pile of 2′ pine boards. I’ll find a use for them somewhere. (Lawn Chair slats?)

Here is a close shot of the trimmed slats: What looks like daylight between the boards is actually galvanized corner metal to mitigate driving rain while in motion. The corners will also be trimmed to hide these gaps.


And finally a close shot of where slats meet T&G.


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