Entry room has walls

I have mounted the walls in the entry. It is that little room after you are in the house but not past the kitchen sink. I used 1×4 pine furring strips from Lowes. I hand picked the ones I wanted from three seperate stores.image

I am almost done trimming the windows and have leveled the kitchen cabinet. It’s back was the first pine installed and why I have decided to go pine on some walls.KitchCabBack

I was also able to side most of the entry and hang the porch light. (More on that later.)  the siding is pine and cedar.  I liked the contrast of the two woods.  The sills above and below the window are at a slight angle to divert water away and are about 1/2″ thicker than the planks.  Water should drip away now not just run down.  I guess I will know when it rains.image

This is the door at night.imageimage

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