Little details adding up

I have been bouncing around a few items without getting any one completely done…window openings, rough wiring and door installation.

Lowes had this door for a good deal and it allows me to adjust the color once I decide on interior and exterior color/materials.  It is insulated fiberglass with a triple pane window.  I liked the look, so here it is.



The window opening next to the door has been roughed as well to allow a small viewing window without the whole back wall being glass.

I decided the porch light needs to be on a three-way switch so if I forget to turn it off after going to bed I can still turn it off from the loft.  I wont have to climb down and flip the switch.  The loft lighting will be three-way switched as well preventing the need to climb back up to turn those lights off.  It took me a few times re-reading the code (NEC 2014) to decide the best way to source and wire these switches with the least wire and pass-through holes in the studs.

The ‘bumped out’ side windows now have real shape and one is fully roughed in.  I have a little more work left on the roofing of the bay’s.  I’m trying to follow the angles and ratios of the gable roofing.


I hope these pictures give you the idea.  The trailer is only a few feet from the fence so I cannot stand back far enough to get a direct photo.




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