Bathroom Floor and Bay Windows

The raised bathroom floor is in. There is a minimum 12″ clearance underneath for tanks and storage. Slightly more in the field where 2×4’s were used. The front edge is a 2×6 for extra strength. This shot is looking to the floor horizontally from the main room.


Here it is. (64 depth and 80″ width.) The big box is the bathtub.  The floor was supposed to be one layer of OSB but after walking on it for a while I decided a second layer was needed.  I believe I could now use this as a gym floor… Holding up a tub should be no problem.


Again, I used bolts to provide additional strength and to fight road vibration that might back out nails.


Now onto the ‘Bumped-Out’ Windows…


I still have over eight inches available on each side before I was at max legal width.  So the side windows will be bumped out about six inches for a nice fat sill.  These windows and sills are being supported by vertical 5/8 plywood, bolts, 2×10’s and some strapping.


The flat sided of the house is interrupted by an angle out to the window and then an angle back in.  I tried to capture it in photos but it’s hard to see with just OSB on the sides.  This shot shows the windows from the inside.  The angled portion of the wall has 2×4 bracing each 16″ to the next stud.  This is on the front and back (sides.?) of the window opening.


The actual window frame will be roughed in closer to window purchase and install time.  Depending on prices and availability of sizes I want to leave myself options.  Currently the openings are 40″+ wide and right at 5ft tall.  I wont have windows this large, but the deep wall can also be used for storage over and under the actual window.

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