Roof sheeting on….with plastic

Despite the rain, sleet and snow I managed to get all the roof sheeting on.  I will be going through and adding some additional support materials where my not so exact measurements have caused seams over nothing.  Ill get more 2x material up there so i can finish getting the nails in.  You can see the little streaks of skylight where the boards dont align.


This part was three triangles due to angles needed.roofcenter

I could have used less sheeting if I had used 48″ widths but I think using full eight foot lengths will produce stronger reaults considering this thing will be on the road quite a bit.


Because i really want exposed beams, I used cedar for the first two runs around the outside.  The outside 11″ when looking up from the ground will be cedar.  The back overhang above the door is only eight inches for now.  I may have to add an additional lower roof directly above the door and below the back windows.

For those counting:  nails are at 8# and screws are still at three.

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