What’s that angle again?

I had a change of mind on the roof style.  Now I’m headed, pretty much committed at this point, to a gable roof.  Pete (the neighbor) came by again for a few hours Saturday and we finalized the roof design.  There will be a small overhang at the back to serve as a porch.  (Look close at the power-line; more on that later.)

Here it is…..

roof frame side

roof frame inside

There were a lot of angles to cut and a few 2×4’s were scrapped in the process.  Most were still usable for other places so total waste  is still low.  Here is the front looking up…

front gable

crazy joint

I guess the nail-gun is now broken in.  I’ve used almost a 1/4 of the box of nails.  It is a Porter Cable 21deg. framing nail gun.  I purchased this brand because twelve years ago I purchased a Porter Cable 16ga finish nailer (and compressor).   I figure if it still works this well, I’m not changing brands now.  I’m still using the same compressor with the new gun.

The finish nailer is being used on the trailer as well for making temporary connections.  The small headed nails make easy to separate connections.  All the plans in the world and I still find I have to try again on some things.

Safety Tip:

I started too close to the power-line.  I think the final project will have a good two inches to spare.  I have hit the lines twice with lumber and once with my head.  I tell myself the nylon/synthetic stalking cap saved me.  I should only be up there a few more times while we install the sheeting and roofing.

too close

So, plan ahead and don’t do what I did.  Park somewhere safe.

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