Post Holidays Update

I saved a shipping crate from the dumpster at the office a while back.  The parts are now serving as my temporary floor.  It’s nice to not have to watch my steps so close.  Now I can place the ladder where I need it not just on cross-members.


The temperatures have been hovering anywhere between 7 and 24 degree’s so work has been slow.  Even the act of nailing is hard when the lumber is frozen.  It also frosts/snows almost every day.  I managed to find Vinyl by the yard at WalMart that is much stronger than the plastic sheeting I had tried from the hardware section.  It is holding the snow and ice up (on the roof) really well.  I have discovered it is very brittle at these temperatures, but as long as I don’t cause impact it does not break.  At room temperature I could not tear the stuff.

Speaking of WalMart, I ran over there to buy some nails to tide me over until I could get to  Home Depot for a larger box.  The nails are $1.97 a pound at WalMart while at Home Depot the price is still almost $3 even in five pound boxes.  Single pound packages are even higher.?  To bad my WalMart only keeps about two boxes in at a time…

Walls and window openings:

I plan on some small bumped out windows over the wheel-wells.  It won’t be but around 5 extra inches but I found some cool cottage designs that have them.  The really only offer a wider window sill, but it might look nice.

When placing the sheets on, I planned for these windows and cut out the opening before I nailed them.  I also placed the openings where the sheets can attach to a minimum of two studs each side of the openings.  This also allows a stagger so no two OSB sheets end or begin at the same point.  Keeping seams staggered will add strength.

Entry Door and Back Wall

Back wall is on and entry door is rough framed.  I spent some time at Home Depot measuring and looking at every option they offer.  I know what I want now and the manufacture stated specific measurements for the rough opening.  Instead of OSB on the sub-floor at the threshold I am using solid redwood for the fist six inches…It should withstand any weather exposure over the years.  The door header is twin 2×4 with OSB sandwiched in between for strength.  Both sides of the door are double 2×4 for strength and security.

rear wall

Front Wall and Floor

I managed to get the first sub-floor sheet down.  There is never more than 12″ any direction without support.  The 3/4 class (.7 inch) thick feels very solid.  The first 32 feet of floor is now solid.  No more scraps under my feet…

first subfloor

Pete, my neighbor, helped me square and set the front two exterior sheets.  I was dreading this part because I could not get front of the trailer level left to right.  Everything was the correct measurements but I could not get the racking correct.  Now here it is…

Front wall is up

I need to trim the top few inches off but that will wait until I am ready for a roof of some sort.

That is all I can think of for now.  I have spent some time thinking and looking at items needed and how to make the fit.  I am having a hard time with making the bathroom a useful size but not take up too much of my floor space.

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