Studs are not Studs

I thought all of my studs were 8′.  After nailing four of then and then attempting the 5th I discovered I had four that were shorter.  I totally forgot there were two common lengths:  8′ and 92.5″ (Normal house wall height I believe.)

So I finished installing the redwood around the steel frame.  I used 2×6 redwood so the frame height had to be raised 3/4″.  I picked up a handful of 1×3’s to accomplish this.  I had to remove the license plate light in order to get the last side board installed.  I marked the board where the light used to be to make finding the wire faster when I re-install the light.


I have left a little (15″ if you are into measuring) space at the end of the trailer for entry way and deck transition.  This also allows me to use the trailers build in jack’s without any  more modification.

I have also framed my front wall.  Window framing and secondary corner studs will be added next.  I spaced the studs 16″ on center as measured on the inside. The wall is only 87″ wide so using 16″ centers from either corner would leave me a strange sized side. I set one stud at dead center and went 16″ on center both directions.


My studs are face nailed (attached through the top and bottom plates) with two 8d nails each. My books suggest either this or three toe-nailed on each stud. This is faster and less nails.


I will stand up the walls and attach them to the trailer after I have at least two made.  This way I can attach the alls to each other for stability.  Too much wind here in Idaho to have a wall standing alone.

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