Using the correct tool…

I purchased some of the lumber I would need.  I needed to remove a part of the trailer that was not needed.  I forgot to ask the manufacturer to leave it off.  (They were nice enough to leave the stake pockets off for me or I would be removing then too.)

I thought the angle grinder would be best to cut the welds and remove the front bar from the trailer.  After two batteries I had cut through almost 1/2 of one side…..I only have four batteries so I changed tools.

I switched over to my M-18 Sawzlall.  One battery later I had finished both sides and half of the trimming that was needed.  (Makes me wonder how fast it would have gone with the steel saw.  Which I don’t have a blade for right now.  Seems here in Boise they have to be ordered because no-one stocks them. )

In case you are wondering, I do not get paid for recommendations on this blog.  I just share what I believe.

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