A Ceiling for the Bathroom

Taken through the kitchen window.

Despite extreme cold and knee deep snow, I finished installing the ceiling for the Bathroom.

I went with a 3/8 T&G cedar.  It is simular to the pine that is in the main portion of the house but I believe the cedar will be more moisture resistant.  I used a plywood underlayment to reinforce and level out the T&G.

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Merry Christmas II

I have not gotten a whole lot done this year.  But I did manage to build my removable deck around Thanksgiving.  The deck attaches along the lip that was intended for the loading ramps.  The outside corners are supported with RV stabilizer jacks.

And it has been COLD ever since…


Last weekend it was 6 degrees outside.  My 500 watt space heater did manage to keep the inside a toasty 42.  (Keep in mind I have not finished I insulating the bathroom ceiling, closed in the floor under the bathroom, or added any under the bottom of the house.)  Onice I lit the Big Buddy portable (propane) heater it was a toasty 62 in a little over an hour.



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Bathtub / Shower Faucet

Tub faucet

Here is the bath faucet from the bathroom side.  The ‘brick’ wall is a mildew resistant wall board from Home Depot.  I plan on waxing it good as well to increase the protection.

Behind the wall (Where the oven/microwave will go) I have plumbed in the water source.  The PEX was run through the non-load bearing 1-4 but the cold pipe had to be directed down to minimize the stress on the tubing.

Tub source

The pump will be on the back side of this wall slightly below the microwave shelf.  The wood grained ceramic tile will is the shelf.  Pump elevation will be even with bottom of the fresh water tank.

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Water Heater – Check

The water heater  has been mounted in the storage area above the fridge.  I picked the high space for ease of draining and it made the pluming easier.  This also freed up storage under the cabinets (where it was going to go) and will make maintenance and electrical easier.

Water Heater

It is just a little 1000 Watt 2.5 gallon model that I found at Home Depot for a little under $100.  I like that is just plugs into a standard outlet and can be switched.  This way it can be on only when needed.

In the wall behind the heater I used a couple extra mounting clips to ensure the piping cannot come into contact with the lag bolts that are sticking into the wall space.  they are from the ‘hanger’ that ensures the heater cannot fall or move around.  Who would of thought all that California earthquake stuff would be needed in Idaho.?

Keep tubing safe

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Bathroom sink has plumbing

Bath sink

The fresh water and waste plumbing for the bathroom sink is complete.  This is the underside: The fittings are the same home plumbing with the exception of I have ran PEX all the way to the fittings instead of using flex hoses.

underside of bath sink

The close quarters make using the PEX crimping tool a challenge but by pre-crimping quite a few connections I was able to get it done.  Here is where the fresh water comes in from the wall and then under the sink.

Pre crimped PEX

The drain is like any house drain.  If the P-Trap has issues it can all be unscrewed and fixed.  I have lost some of the shelf space to this, but I guess the P-Trap keeping out fumes is more valuable than a little open storage.

Flexable drain and P-Trap image

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Thermostat and Heater Works…

The thermostat is installed and tested.  The dancing flames can be on and the heating element and forced air fan only activate when needed.

Thermostat Installed

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Toilet prep…

I have managed to mount the black-tank along with the ring so the toilet can be bolted down.

Having rail mounts designed into the tank made the process faster and the tanks will be more secure.

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