A Beeping Problem Solved

For those who have been following the build for a while, you might recall nearly everything is running off the 12 volt battery system.  This includes the refrigerator.  And it has all been going fine except for one annoyance.

The refrigerator is plugged into a dedicated 750 watt inverter costing about $40.  This allowed me to use an affordable off the shelf $100 fridge instead of a $800 12 volt or propane version.  Each time the compressor starts a new cycle the low voltage alarm sounds for a few seconds.  I am not really surprised considering the inverter is almost 15 feet from the battery and I only used 6AWG cable.  I estimate the surge current to be around 50 Amps at 12.4 volts.  (600 Watt) . That causes quite a voltage drop across the leads.  Once the cycle is started the voltage returns to the expected 13.2 volts.

I was at WalMart the other day and had an idea.  Why not use a capacitor designed for car audio amplifiers…  They carry a quite large one for $40 so I thought i would give it a try.  Another $35 in miscellaneous hardware and 6AWG cable, from Home Depot,  I have it installed:


Installed Capacitor.


Distribution block.

To be honest I still have a beep.  It’s duration is a fraction of a second at the most.  This is acceptable considering it used to last 2-4 seconds.  I should also gain a little benefit from the cap once I wire in the water pump.  They sometimes cause DC surges/sags as they cycle as well.  It will be powered from same cable so fingers crossed.




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Dinner is Served: From the Oven

After researching for what seems like forever I decided on an oven.  An Extra-Large Convection Toaster from Oster.  I eat a lot of pizzas (Multiple per week) so I needed one that would comfortably fit a real pizza.  Not just a 12″ single serve.  This one fits two 16″ pizza’s.  This one had good reviews and one user even had photo’s of the pizza she had cooked.  Sold!


Additional extension cord now attached.

Now I had to finish the electrical connections.  There was an unprotected outlet that was shared with the whole trailer.  Not the way I wanted to go.  That outlet has been removed.  I have added another outlet that, along with the water heater, has it’s own input on the trailer outside.  I will have to ensure the water heater switch is off before using the oven.  This should not be a problem because I am used to heating water only when needed in my camper.  This saves loads of propane.

So here is the evening progression:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I used the same time and temperatures as in the house oven.  This Red Barron Four Meat Pizza was a little dry in the crust and the cheese browned a little extra.  There were no burn’t spots or strange toasting patterns that I was expecting.  Next go I will shave another two minutes off and see how it turns out.  In all I’m pleased.

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First Night Results:

Pretty good nights rest.  It was almost too quiet. There are two items needing attention: Ladder steepness and bed density.  The second one is not really a tiny house issue but more of a home issue.  The ladder while functional, is a little tricky when barefoot and half asleep.  I’m working on a version two that is less steep, wider, and enforced a little more.  Same look and feel, just better.

I rode nearly 14 miles and climbed 2000+ vertical feet today on the Fuel.  I also had a little encouragement and example so I rode my first drop today as well.  Four times on the wooden drop and tree off the Shake N Bake rock.  Chain guard earned its value today.  Scraped the rock twice…

So here’s to night two…

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Preparing for the First Night

So after a good afternoon riding the downhill park I am now fed and settled in for my first night in the tiny house.  No the Slash is still not fixed.  (I’m wondering if all the Rock Shox guys were at Sea Otter instead of fixing faulty shocks.)

I have wanted to do this for so long but always had a reason excuse why I could not.  Now here I am blogging from the loft waiting for the thunderstorm to pass so I can sleep.   Just the sound of my fan and thunder.  I don’t hear anything else.  It is more quiet than my house.

I never post video but I thought this was a special occasion…


I feel like I am camping.  I brought too much stuff up the ladder with me so it took a while to decide where things should be so I don’t kick them off the edge.   But I always read a while before sleeping so a couple books to choose from is always in order.  Today it is: Your Complete Guide to Trials Riding (Julien Happich), Sacre Bleu (Christopher Moore), or NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training.

Side note:  Go read anything of Christopher Moore.  Unless you don’t like to laugh, think, wonder, have your (or anyones) religion questioned, believe in elves…  What can I really say: go read one of his books.  I need him to sell more so he will write another one.  Does it really work that way?  Naw.  I was just hoping there for a second.

I also don’t post a lot of Me either but again special occasion:




There was another good close thunder clap and the sun is dropping fast.  I’ll update in a day or so and let you in on how the night went.

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Loft Planning

I have decided on a mattress size.  Well not really a mattress, but a good mattress topper which is essentially what I sleep on every night anyway.  (Why do mattresses cost so much?  It’s crazy!)  The loft can easy fit a Queen but that would be the whole loft.  I am not a large man and lets face it the bigger the bed the more the sheets cost as well.  I have decided on the size: Full.  Gives plenty of sleep area and room to ‘live’ in.

Here is roughly what I am dealing with.  I am planning a 15″ ledge (clearing?) at the front of the loft, between the mattress and ledge, for ease of climbing up and down.  Especially if I have anything moving into/out-of the loft.  An additional 12″ between the bed and back wall and window.  I’m thinking removable, but sturdy, shelves and nightstand.  After all, I like to have some water nearby in the night.

So now there is another ToDo on my list.  But I know the mattress fits and might give it a trial night this weekend.

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While the Trek is Down

The weather this weekend is awesome.  I should be on my mountain bike but the shock has blown a seal.  It is one of those new Rock Shox Thru|Shaft ones that Trek has began using.  It lasted almost six rides…  Makes me sad.


Blown shock.

So while the shock is in California being rebuilt I have been working on insulating the floor.  Under the floor would be more accurate.

First all gaps, cracks, holes, or anywhere a bug, air, or water could come in or nest are being filled with spray foam.  I love this stuff.

Then the remaining space is being insulated with 5″ of fiberglass.  Yes the pink stuff.  I found unbacked 93″ x 15″ bundles.  I have to trim off 11″ off the end of each batt and they fit real nice between the steel rungs that are holding up the floor.


The Pink Stuff

To keep the fiberglass from sagging for now I am using 18gauge steel wire strung between eye bolts.  I tried nylon mason cord first but it is too stretchy.  i just cannot pull it taught.


Eye-bolt for galvanized steel wire.

I will put a protective barrier between the insulation and street once I get the rest installed.  I’m not fully sure what I am using yet.

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Stereo Needed a Home.

The radio, with all of the cords, needed a real place to be.  Not just balanced on a shelf or being pushed around up in the loft.  So here is how it looks now.  The mount is in rear cabinet (under the back window) facing the new blue desk.  I can now walk freely and move materials without worrying if I am going to catch the cords and cause it to fall on the floor.


Installed stereo

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